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We've landed in Dubai!

Dubai, we've landed and are ready to showcase our innovation! 🏗

This week, Nova Spraytec GmbH is in Dubai showcasing our product with BIMPRINTER, organized by BauMotor and hosted by Sobha Constructions. 🙌

On the first day, we demonstrated our product at the CREST GRANDE project, showcasing key features such as wall spray, corner spray, rapid color switching, and self-alignment. The team from Sobha Constructions thoroughly inspected the spray finishing quality.

On the second day, we will demonstrate the product in one of the residential units, so stay tuned for updates.

We are proud that our product has garnered international interest from major industry players like Sobha Constructions, known for prioritizing build quality and workforce safety.

We extend our gratitude to BauMotor for facilitating our entry into the international market, and we deeply appreciate the interest and trust shown by Sobha Constructions. 🤝

April 17, 2024

What else has been going on:

Nova Spraytec at the Münchner Farbe Schulen

The construction painting market faces numerous challenges due to increasing demand, unpleasant working conditions, health and safety concerns, and shortages of skilled labor. Spraying paint is a repetitive and physically demanding task, making it an undesirable career choice for the younger generation. 🛠

Our product is a game-changer for the construction painting industry. It is a tool that enhances performance rather than replacing workers. 🦾

Today, we are very excited to showcase NOVA-S at the Münchner Farbe Schulen to the painting professionals of the future. 👀

We have demonstrated the product features and confirmed that their chosen career path will combine traditional craft knowledge with cutting-edge technology. 🚀

Let us paint the future together! 🤝

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FAF - Farbe, Ausbau & Fassade 2024

What an incredible journey it's been at the FAF - Farbe, Ausbau & Fassade trade fair! 👏 As we look back, we're overwhelmed with gratitude for the tremendous support and interest in our latest developments.

Our team had the privilege of engaging in numerous enriching conversations and exchanges with industry practitioners. These interactions were not only insightful but also reaffirmed our commitment to innovation and collaboration within our industry.

🎥 We've put together a video summarising the highlights of our week at FAF Trade Fair, showcasing the energy and excitement that surrounded us. Check it out and relive the moments with us!

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who visited our booth, attended our sessions, and contributed to the vibrant atmosphere at FAF. Your interest and support mean the world to us, and we can't wait to continue this journey together.🤝

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The Future of Painting: NOVA-S Revealed!

We could not be more excited to finally unveil NOVA-S!

NOVA-S is a semi automatic interior painting solution to simplify the lives of every painting professional. It is a tool developed by experts, for experts.

Allow us to help you find your peace of mind.

Feel free to reach out to us for more information, as well as demonstration bookings.

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Nova Spraytec at Construction Summit 2024

We're thrilled to announce our participation in this year's Construction Summit, happening in April! 🏗️

It's an honor to be part of this gathering of industry leaders and professionals, where we'll explore and exchange insights on the future of construction. 🚀

We can't wait to connect with fellow innovators and discuss the latest trends, technologies, and opportunities shaping the industry. See you there! 🤝

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